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Flash ape from wood leaf

Flash ape from wood leaf

Flash ape from wood leaf

Rating: 9 / 10 from 23433 ratings
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    Flash ape from wood leaf
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    Night rain moon
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    Long Novel
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2022-10-02 23:06:36
A college student accidentally crossed into the world of fire and shadow, but it was not the period he was familiar with before the Third World War, Tuan Zang and old man ape Fei are intriguing in this regard, the protagonist doesn't want to say anything. Just don't annoy me, but if you don't pay, it's very serious he only wanted to keep his life alive. He had planned to cheat Kai's eight door dunjia and specialize in physical skills. This ability is enough for him to keep his life never thought... by chance, the blood inheritance limit and Guangdun that the family wanted for generations were created isn't it floating "eight feet Qiong gouyu!" Yu Zhibo weasel:... "cloud sword in the sky!" big snake pill:... when you see people, it's like "Oh, it's terrible!" "today's young people are amazing!" "speed is weight... Anyway... Have you been kicked by light?" this is a story of the gradual wanton and obscene of the transgressor.

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