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My artists are too Buddhist

My artists are too Buddhist

My artists are too Buddhist

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    My artists are too Buddhist
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    Drunk smile accompany the public 30000 times
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    People Books
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2022-09-20 01:04:08
When the whole entertainment circle is crowding its head for hot search, when gossip continues to become bound hype by artists, when impetuous entertainment companies and fans keep making lists for their own artists... The whole entertainment circle is crazy with such an entertainment company, it has become an alternative the artist of the company is taifo they make music, never publicize, and don't bother to buy hot search. If they don't specifically search, they don't even know that there is a song they make movies and never publicize them. When it's time, they go directly to the cinema line. If it weren't for the paparazzi who revealed that they were suspected of making a new movie, everyone wouldn't know there was such a movie the variety shows they make are especially popular at midnight... some artists of this company like fishing and often go fishing in the mountains for months. Some like painting and can hide in the studio for more than half a year, others like playing basketball and swimming. They are typical of not doing their jobs it seems that their job is not an actor, musician, variety show... But fishing, painting, calligraphy and playing basketball... but it is such a group of non professional artists. Their songs are popular all over the world. Even the musicians of M country, who think highly of themselves, bow down and be obedient even without any warm-up, their films can easily break the box office record in film history in a week their variety shows can still win the viewing champion even if they are popular at midnight when they are famous all over the world, their attitude is still out of tune. This for a long time, the company's fans had no choice but to shout: "please... Stop Buddhism!"

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