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On the ancient view of China

On the ancient view of China

On the ancient view of China

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    On the ancient view of China
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    Golden phonon
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    Pc Books
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2022-09-22 12:12:14
The full name of "exploring the ancient view of China", hereinafter referred to as "exploring China" exploring China ", is a crossing novel based on historical minutes and a large number of documents. For the first time, it explored the ancient times that all Chinese people were familiar with and unfamiliar with from a new perspective; It breaks all the expression ways of crossing stories that are too mythological and too fabricated, and shows readers an ancient scene closer to the real historical facts in an easy to understand way exploring China is the first time that two people crossed at the same time, and this crossing came to the Neolithic and ancient times when words and languages were completely impassable. There is no special function, no great talent and strategy, and it is not a man of insight who crosses for crossing. It is an unexplained accident that makes them cross the era. So what kind of story will the extremely ordinary two people start in this primitive ancient times? Through them, what kind of ancient world will we see with a pioneering first person perspective, the full text of probe into China opens to everyone the era leading to the origin of Chinese civilization with a very pictorial expression. There is no fantasy, no cultivation of immortals, no mortals to heaven, but there are enough novelty and new experience. It is based on the perception of fitting history and situation, which makes people read and gain then, start with this question, "was ancient times really a mythical age?" Is it made up and doesn't really exist? All the answers in "exploring China", you will begin to experience from Fuxi, Taihao, and go through a strange journey close to the truth that has never been told before.

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